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What is School Sport NT?

School Sport NT, as an educational deliverer and conducts a developmental program of school sporting activities which provides school students with opportunities to play sport at different levels. Students may move along the pathway either by their choice or ability level.

School Sport NT

  • Has a vision to ignite; inspire; innovate
  • Exists to provide access to school sport activities for all NT students
  • Improves educational outcomes through sport
  • Promotes school attendance using sports participation opportunities as an incentive
  • Will be valuable; inclusive; professional

Pathway Levels:

The School Level (intra-school)

Sport within schools is organised by each school. Parent/Carers should contact their child’s school to see what is offered for them.

The Region Level (inter-school)

Regional School Sport Coordinators organise a range of interschool sporting competitions for all students 10 to 19 years of age between schools in their region. Please check the program of events for your region and seek further information for the contacts listed.

The NT Levela (inter-region)

This level has two (2) different types of competitions.

  1. Regions select teams to represent their region at the 12 years and under Championships which are played in venues across the Territory over a duration of 3 days. At this event, championship winners are acknowledges and interstate squads are selected and announced to represent School Sport NT at the School Sport Australia Championships. Students must be between 10 and 12 years to attend these Championships. Because of an age dispensation, 50% of Region teams can be turning 13 years. There is no age dispensation for Australian Football and Rugby League.
  2. 13 to 19 years students can nominate themselves through their region to be selected to attend the sport Development/Selection Camps held usually over a Friday/Saturday/Sunday period. Region ratios apply and all camps will be held in Darwin. At these Development Camps, local sporting bodies and interstate team officials will provide competitions, expert coaching, skills and PD sessions. An interstate squad will be selected and announced to represent School Sport NT at the School Sport Australia Championships.

The School Sport Australia Level (interstate)

States and Territories from around Australia send their representative school sport teams to compete at these Championships hosted by States and Territories on a roster basis. At these School Sport Australia Championships, winners are acknowledged and at some 19 years and under events, students are selected to represent School Sport Australia in international competitions both overseas and in Australia.

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