Student Officials Pathway

Students as Umpires and/or Referees

School Sport NT strongly encourages the involvement of students in our program in roles other than as players. Each year students are involved in a range of areas in sport administration. We strongly encourage teachers and schools to offer their students these pathways for future skill development for life long engagement.

School Sport NT has established a formal pathway and process for student umpires/referees from region to interstate. We would like all teachers and club personnel to use whatever means they may have at their disposal to encourage those non- players who may have the necessary skills, experience and an inclination to take a non- playing role and be an umpire/referee in our School Sport NT program.

Any student umpire/referee identified must have demonstrated a skill competency in the sport, be confident enough to handle bigger/different students and be mature enough to cope with upset adult parents/coaches/managers. They also must be able to demonstrate they are already on an umpire/referee developmental pathway. Each selected student umpire/referee who needs to travel to attend their chosen event will have their actual travel costs paid in full and be under the supervision of the team official from their region or their delegate.

At the NT event the student will be assessed by a School Sport NT and a state sport agreed mentor, and if deemed suitable to umpire/referee at the next level, will be recommended to tour/participate at the School Sport Australia event for that sport. Selected umpires/referees will be treated like interstate players and will need to pay the sport team levy, wear the uniform, abide by the codes of behaviour and sign the agreements, attend all functions and be under the supervision of the NT Team Officials.

In 2020, School Sport Australia will sponsor a small portion of the Interstate travel levy which will be refunded after the event.

What Do You Do If You Find Them?

  1. If skilled as described above, direct to the School Sport NT website for a form
  2. The SSNT office will send reminders to schools and clubs 6 weeks prior as applications close 4 weeks prior to the event

How Does The Process Work?

  1. Applications received in SSNT office on, collated and list of applicants sent to State Sporting Organisation (SSO) identified mentor for recommendation and acceptance as appropriate.
  2. SSNT advise students/schools/SSCs/mentor of acceptance or not and put in place attendance, travel and accommodation if required. Paperwork will be sent to be completed and returned
  3. SSO mentor invited to assist students during 3 days. Duty of Care for students provided by team officials and the Convenor/s
  4. Daily feedback given to all students and allocations of responsibilities directed by mentor. On final day, a report written for each student with a copy given to them. A copy with a recommendation for interstate representation will be sent to SSNT.
  5. Students considered and once approved, a letter of either acceptance or not is sent. A School Sport NT Permission Form will be need to be completed and returned to to accept the offer

Due to organizational pressures and travel payment timelines, our deadlines must be met and no late entries will be considered, so please be diligent and let your kids know about this opportunity.

Please visit our Forms and Policies page to download the relevant information you require.

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