School Sport NT Events Model

12 years & Under Championship

  • 3 day event hosted by Regions
  • Participants must be between 10 and 12 years of age
  • Team numbers vary as per Ages for Participation table included
  • As NT has an age dispensation at the School Sport Australia level, 50% of students in each team may be turning 13. Age dispensation is not allowed for contact sports of Australian Football and Rugby League for 2015.

Development/Selection Camps

  • 2 and 1/2 day event hosted by School Sport NT in conjunction with Interstate Team Officials and State Sporting Organisations
  • Participants must be a minimum 13years old.
  • The maximum age for participants varies as per Ages for Participation table included.
  • Camps are self nominating and participation numbers are per region

13 year olds may choose to either participate in either the 12yrs & under Championship or the Development/Selection Camp. They can’t do both in the same sport

Core Components

(Each of the above events must contain the following elements)

Component 12 Years & Under Championship Development/Selection Camp
Teams Must be region representatives from member body school based regional programs Students self nominate to School Sport NT. Ratios per sport will apply
Competition Round-Robin and/or pools of like-ability competition. Individual sport of Athletics excepted. Form of competition will depend on the number of students attending.
Playing Time All students must have equitable playing time over the duration of the event
Accommodation Billeting is the preferred option for student accommodation
Mix "Ëœn’ Match Randomly mixed groupings of all team members involved in fun social activity Not Applicable
Codes of Behaviour School Sport Australia and School Sport NT Codes are abided by during the Event
Student Officials Provide and promote opportunities for students to pursue alternative pathways in sport
Sports Liaison Opportunity to be provided for Sporting Body to be involved prior to and during the event
Evaluation All region officials are given the opportunity to provide recommendations and feedback at the post event meeting gathered from students, parents and officials
Skills Component of skills – flexible time/organisation Skills session and quality coaching provided
PD Session SSNT will coordinate an appropriate session for all students/officials Various PD sessions will be planned
Ceremonies and
Utilised as an opportunity to promote School Sport NT. Attended by all participants and held and conducted as appropriate for each competition
Selection Provide opportunity for participants to progress on pathway to School Sport Australia Level – team and reserves announced at closing ceremony

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