Our Goals and Visions

School Sport NT Mission Statement

To coordinate and administer appropriate quality sporting opportunities for all students attending Northern Territory schools by facilitating, supporting and leading Primary and Secondary schools in their development of sport education as part of the Physical Education / Health Curriculum.

School Sport NT Philosophy

SCHOOL SPORT AUSTRALIA exists to provide quality educational opportunities through sport for Australian school communities. – – –

School Sport NT philosophy is to cater specifically for the talents of all 10-19 year old students from school communities throughout the NT urban, rural and remote, in an appropriately tiered educative sporting program.

Guiding Principles

School Sport NT programs, through their cluster bodies, actively provide opportunities for all NT students regardless of location, gender, ethnic or socio economic background and for both able-bodied students and students with a disability.

School Sport NT offers opportunities for competition in a variety of sports in which sporting ideals of fairness, honesty and integrity are central to the code of practice for players, all officials and spectators.

School Sport NT engenders friendliness, fun, enjoyment and a sense of achievement for all participants as an integral part of each sporting competition.

As a consequence of the School Sport NT program, students participate successfully in comprehensive educational programs and sport activities to meet education outcomes (NTCF) and to focus the development of each student’s:

  • Respect and understanding of self and other cultures, social maturity and national identity
  • Health and fitness lifestyle practices
  • Personal sporting skills and knowledge
  • An appreciation of Australia’s sporting ethics
  • Development of career opportunities
  • School Sport NT provides alternative sporting pathways for students to develop skills and experiences through tiered competitions.

Recognition that School Sport NT needs to provide additional support to service the needs of its rural and remote members.

All officials operate in accordance with accepted quality-coaching practices, styles and legal and ethical responsibilities.

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