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Rugby League

School Sport NT 12 years and under Rugby League/Softball Development/Selection Camp 2017

Dates:         May 24th to May 26th
Host:           School Sport NT
Convenor:   Pam Dillon, Anne Goodman, Hannah Roll, Glenn Hayles, Tahlia Rutherford, Jeremy Robinson
Venue:        Souths Rugby Grounds (Rugby League) and Tracy Village (Softball)

School Sport Australia 12 Years and Under Rugby League Championships 2017

Dates:        August 5th to August 12th
Host:          Melbourne, VIC

Interstate Team Officials 2017

12 years and under Coach:
Malcolm Tolmes
12 years and under Manager:
Sarah France
12 years and under Sports Trainer
Yvonne Neave

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Latest News

We've just uploaded the Region Inter-school Program Information Booklets for those wanting to know dates.  Nominations are now open for the School Sport NT 15 Years and Under Development/Selection Camps!