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    Barkly Region 2017

    Canoeing and swimming in Barkly!
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    Barkly Region 2017

    Tennant Creek High canoeing in the Barkly Region!
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    Inter-Region Softball Championship 2016

    Barkly Region taking out the trophy from the Inter-Region Softball Championship between Arnhem, Katherine and Barkly!
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    Swimming Carnival 2016

    Swimming carnival in Barkly!


The Barkly Region includes 18 schools and 5 homeland schools across Northern Territory's Barkly.

The Barkly Region aims to provide opportunities and offers pathways through intra and inter-school sport and selection trials, training and development for representative teams. It aims to provide quality sporting programs and opportunities for students between the ages of 5 - 16 years using sport in a variety of ways as the vehicle to educate students about responsibility, teamwork, communication, self-confidence and achievement.

We aim to introduce/play a variety of different sports/activities across the Barkly Region including sports that are for the para-atheletes so our students get an understanding of what it is like to play a game/sport without the use of one of their senses.

Barkly Schools:

  • Tennant Creek Primary
  • Tennant Creek High
  • Elliot
  • Rockhampton Downs
  • Alekarenge
  • Canteen Creek
  • Epenarra
  • Murray Downs
  • Neutral Junction
  • Stirling
  • Newcastle Waters
  • Corella Creek
  • Willowra
  • Alparra
  • Alpurrurulam
  • Ampilatwatja
  • Mulga Bore
  • Ti Tree

Barkly Homeland Schools:

  • Mungkarta
  • Soapy Bore
  • Apungalindum
  • Clinic
  • Irrultja

Barkly Region School Sport NT Sport Coordinator:

Pam Dillon
0447 086 403

Barkly Region School Sport NT Sport Administration Assistnat:

Andrea Krikke




Barkly Region School Sport NT Office
phone: 08 8963 2060
fax: 08 8963 2072
post: PO Box 459, Tennant Creek NT 0860
The office is based in the Barkly Education Office (Staunton St, Tennant Creek)

Barkly Region School Sport NT Sport Coordinator:

Pam Dillon
0447 086 403

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The commencement of the 2017 School Sport Australia Pacific School Games is not far away, keep updated via the Pacific School Games website: http://pacificschoolgames.edu.au/